Why is Data Compliance important? Have you ever found yourself asking…

  • How can I continue to manage compliance and security while facing the ever- increasing costs of skilled resources?
  • How can I ensure that my IT department,  will continue to keep on top of every changing compliance requirements?
  • How can I ensure that this solution can scale and support the quality of reporting that my organization needs?

Data compliance and security is important for it’s own sake but will also be required by compliance regulatory organization.
If you business isn’t currently employing an effective data compliance solution you may find yourself paying for it down the road.

Streamlined Reported With An Automated Compliance Process

How can you ensure that your reviews are completed on time and are available for reviewing and auditing?

Using an automated compliance process can make all the differences.

Real successful data compliance basically requires three things:

  • Regular reporting reviews and signoffs to monitor who has completed their reviews;
  • Reporting reviews and signoffs to track that remediation has been completed;
  • A centralized repository to store those sign-offs for when the auditors come knocking.

Workflow automation is essential to successfully support compliance. Security operations should have a well-defined workflow process for managing security, compliance and audit results.

The auditing process requires proper sign off from the database administrators (DBAs) after remediating vulnerabilities, from the information security professionals after reviewing and from auditors or managers after reviewing. The compliance process of automation reduces any interruptions in reviews or remediation, which in turn reduces security operations costs and helps secure your valuable data.