With the new development of IOT devices, everything from your new car to your toaster oven can be connected to the internet. This increased connectedness brings huge opportunities in new application development as well as a vast number of new serious threats and within these devices. New IOT ready devices come to market everyday adding new potential vulnerabilities and tech experts are hard pressed to keep up.

Some Current IOT Vulnerabilities:

  • Cars
  • Power Grids and Utilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Video Cameras
  • Airplanes
  • Buildings
  • Medical Devices and Hospitals
  • City Infrastructure and Transportation Networks
  • Retail Stores and Databases

Organizations are now more aware of the potentially serious dangers to IOT devices with weak security and are taking steps to develop effective solutions.   However as the market continues to expand and an ever increasing rate, the field of IOT security has become more relevant than ever to many modern businesses.

DataRite And IOT Security

Since the beginning of their development, our research team at DataRite has been working diligently to keep abreast of all the latest technological developments in IOT technology and is committed to providing ongoing continuous support and protection to all of our clients using IOT devices and services.

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